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Replying to an Advert

  1. Only reply ONCE to a specific advert. If you reply more than once all your replies will be deleted
  2. You must attach your CV to your reply. Replies without an attachment are automatically deleted
  3. If you do not qualify for the position as it is advertised the advertiser will not respond to your application

Applicants who are not Citizens of South Africa

Please do not apply for jobs in South Africa unless the advert states “foreign applications welcome” Should you apply for jobs in South Africa your application will be deleted without a response because at present it is not possible for schools in South Africa to appoint foreign teachers. This is Government Policy.

Schools outside South Africa

Adverts for jobs in schools outside South Africa should state the nations from which they are able to employ teachers. Applicants – please be aware that some Governments restrict work permits to citizens of certain nations, and apparent “favouritism” is not necessarily the choice of the school.

Applicants, please be aware:

Staffroom does not pre-screen schools and colleges advertising on this site. Please take precautions before you sign a contract: -

Interviews for South African schools should be held on the Campus of the school

Foreign schools / schools outside the main centres in South Africa should have a web site –make sure you check it out. Ask for the phone number of at least one other ex-pat teacher before you give any verbal assurances that you will come. Remember – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably IS!

Advertisers, please note

  • CVs are not pre-screened on this website or on top rated online casinos by Maple Leaf Online Casino. Screening is the responsibility of the advertiser.
  • If you would like Placements in Education to pre-screen the CVs please phone 0117944993 and speak to Alison or Primrose about this value-added service
  • Because CVs have not been pre-screened you should respond to applicants who have the qualifications and experience that you have asked for in your advert – others do not require a response

The rule of thumb is – if it sounds too good to be true – it probably is!

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